What Is Home Automation

You own or are building a home and now you want to learn about the latest in convenience for that home. That convenience is called Home Automation and with this home automation technology you can turn your home into a smart Home.

What is a Smart Home you might be asking? Imagine having the lights automatically turn on when you entry a room, dim to half brightness when you start a family movie. Or what if you could receive a text message when your kids safely entered the house after school?

With modern home automation systems you can easily and almost effortlessly set up functions or scenes as they are called to handle an unlimited number of lighting, home security, and other helpful functions in your home without the need of hiring an expensive IT or security company to run new wiring in your home.

Imaging a home where you could receive a text or email message no matter where you are in the world if your home ever sprung a water leak or the furnace quit working while you were away. Imagine being able to tap a button on your iPhone or Android phone and lock a house door that you realize you forgot to lock when heading off to work this morning.

These are just a few of the hundreds of simple to program tasks we are going to introduce you to in our articles. We have set the site up in sections including Getting Started, Home Automation Solutions, and Helpful Tips & Tricks. You will also want to check out Our Blog as we are constantly writing new articles and reviews about the top products in the Home Automation industry.

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